RCMP are warning the public about a couple of scams making the rounds in Nanaimo that left a couple of victims with less money in their bank accounts.
After getting a personal message on his Facebook account, from a man calling himself Brian Yarber, a Nanaimo victim wired several hundred dollars to the man who said he was eligible to receive a prize of 150,000 dollars.
After sending the money and not hearing from Yarber, the victim became suspicious cancelled his credit card, removed his cell phone number from his Facebook site and updated his privacy settings.

The second scam involved an ad on Kijiji looking for people interested in making extra money doing quality assurance checks at a large retail store in Nanaimo.

The victim, after exchanging several text messages received a cheque via a courier service for 1500 dollars.
She was instructed to deposit the cheque and send back the majority of it via a wire transfer and after doing that, she discovered the cheque was fraudulant.