The Nature Conservancy of Canada is inviting volunteers to come and pull some weeds and collect some seeds during two events this week.
Outreach Coordinator Todd Carnahan will be leading volunteers at the Somenos Marsh Open Air Classroom. The event is a nature tour, a bird watching trip, and a chance to help clear the boardwalk for other visitors.
Carnahan says the marsh is really interesting for its unique wildlife habitat and protecting our community from flood events. Young volunteers are also invited to join the event, once accompanied by an adult. The event takes place Tuesday from 10am.
At the Garry Oak Preserve, he says volunteers will be collecting the great camas seeds.
The Camas Collection Crew are meeting on Wednesday at 9am at the Garry Oak Preserve, which is usually closed to the public.
To register, visit, email or call 1-888-404-8428.