The community of Lake Cowichan has had a special weather statement in effect for a couple of days now.
Environment Canada says some inland locations could hit 35 degrees.
The hot weather is expected to stick around through at least next week.

Meteorologist Armel Castellan says a high pressure system has set up off the coast and is bringing us the hot, dry weather….

Castellan says the cool start to summer was due to a low pressure system that was hanging around off the coast that kept the temperatures cooler than normal.

With temperatures in some inland locations on the Island expected to hit 35 degrees, Medical health officers say heat-related illnesses can be a real threat.
Symptoms include thirst, dizziness, confusion, weakness and fainting.
To protect yourself from the heat, it is recommended to spend several hours every day in an air-conditioned facility.
Drink plenty of water, even before you are thirsty.
Check in on people who live alone, especially the elderly, those with mental illness or anyone else who is unable to leave their un-air conditioned homes.
And finally, never leave children or pets in a parked car.