The maple tree, outside the Island Savings Centre, is gone.
The GM of Community Services for the CVRD, John Elzinga, John Elzinga says it was taken down this morning (Mon)…..
A piece of the tree has been saved and the Island Savings Centre Commission will determine how it will be used to pay homage to the maple tree.
The decision was made back on July 26th to take the tree down as part of the parking lot rehabilitation project after safety concerns were raised.
One man, who heard the chainsaws in his neighbourhood early in the morning, took a walk to the site.
Shane Duggan (dug-in) says a woman was screaming, trying to get to the tree as crews were removing it but she calmed down after the police arrived.
Duggan says he has lived in the area a long time and remembers a similar tree at James Street and Alderlea Street that had to be cut down more than a decade ago….
But Duggan says an oak tree was planted in its place and that tree has grown into a nice shade tree today.