The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is drawing attention to increases at BC Hydro and BC Ferries effective today (April 1st).

Jordan Bateman, the CTF’s B.C. Director says people from other parts of Canada like to joke that B.C. stands for “Bring Cash” and, he says, it’s hard to argue that point these days.

BC Hydro rates jump 9 per cent today (Tues), the first of five straight scheduled annual increases.

BC Ferries fares are also up, to go from Tsawwassen to Victoria, for example, it will cost 75 cents more for adult walk-ons, $2 more for vehicles, plus a small uptick in the fuel surcharge. Free weekday rides for seniors also end today (April 1).

Canada Post has also raised its price for stamps, from 63 cents to $1. Buying stamps in bulk will cost 85 cents.

The Taxpayers Federation says the increases today are on top of recent hikes to EI, CPP, MSP, ICBC, property taxes, and provincial income taxes.

And now, the price of a litre of gas is marching upwards again.

A litre of gas in the Duncan region will cost you between a dollar 20 point 9 to a dollar 33-9.

Last week a litre cost a dollar 20 point 9 on the high side.

In Victoria, a litre is costing about a dollar 29-9 today and in Nanaimo a litre is sitting around the dollar 33-9 mark.