A bylaw change, coming to the CVRD board table today (Wed) has been a long time in the making and somewhat controversial in the community.

A mobile home subdivision in Saltair was decommissioned about 5 years ago and about a dozen people had to find somewhere else to live.

In the meantime, a developer had been wanting to bring in modular homes from the U.S. for the site, but has since decided ‘stick’ homes might be a better alternative.

The problem is, the bylaw for the subdivision only allows modular or mobile homes and that’s what a group of people are asking for in an effort to allow for some lower cost housing.

On the other side of the coin, people living next to the subdivision don’t support the low cost housing alternative and say ‘stick’ built homes will allow for, not only, local construction employment but also local purchasing.

A public hearing on the issue attracted close to one hundred people and today (Wed) the bylaw motion is heading to the CVRD for a decision.