Ladysmith council have received the results of an Alternative Approval Process in which more than 10% of voters in the town responded by rejecting the proposed plan to expand the town’s boundaries.

For six-years the town has kicked around the idea of incorporating approximately 700 hectares of Timberwest land into its boundaries; now, order for the expansion to move forward the issue must go to a referendum.

Town Mayor Rob Hutchins said staff has been directed to draft a report on possible options for a referendum. That will be presented in June, coinciding with a climate modeling report expected to be released around the same time.

Frank Limshue is the director of planning for Couverdon Real Estate, the real estate business of Timberwest Forest Corp. He said despite this set back, they will continue to work with the community and town to find a solution that works for all stakeholders.

The issue of boundary expansion has been ongoing for the better part of six years.

Hutchins says the expansion doesn’t trigger development. There are still many steps before they get to that point.