The province has announced, what it says, are improvements to the Agricultural Land Commission.

The improvements, aimed at protecting farmland in B.C., include the creation of two Commission administered zones.

One of those will recognize land where there is development and population pressures and the other will take into consideration short growing seasons and lower value crops.

Rhonda Driediger, chair, BC Agriculture Council says she’s looking forward to more details…..

To improve services to farmers, the Commission’s operations will be enhanced, a CEO will be appointed and staff vacancies will be filled.

To help farmers generate increased incomes and better support food production, the Ministry of Agriculture says it will initiate discussions with the Commission, the agricultural sector and the Union of BC Municipalities on how to best support new opportunities for limited, value-added farming activities on farmland.

For local governments, they will be able to engage the Commission earlier in the land use planning process which is expected to make the decision making process quicker.

Through all this, the Commission will remain a fully independent tribunal and decision-maker
and continue to make final decisions on specific land uses within the Agricultural Land Reserve.