The Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association has launched legal action against the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit and the Municipality of North Cowichan.
The Neighbourhood Association say they have been trying unsuccessfully to work collaboratively with the other parties to come up with a solution to mitigate noise that comes from the track. It has now been one year since the track opened, and they say legal action was necessary.
President of the Association Isabel Rimmer says there are two parts to the lawsuit. The first is to ask the judge to rule on the legality of the zoning and the project in general.
Rimmer says things are very uncertain for all parties at this point.
Till then, Rimmer says the neighbourhood is bracing themselves for a difficult summer living with noise from the track. She says the association is still open to working with both the municipality and the circuit to come up with solutions outside of court. In the meantime, she says the group will be busy fundraising and sharing information in a legal and respectful way.
For more information on the Sahtlam Neighbourhood Association and the legal action, visit their website.