North Cowichan is considering a new bylaw that would increase restrictions on camping at local parks.
North Cowichan Council were introduced to the draft bylaw which includes numerous new regulations to help protect parks. Deputy Director of Corporate Services Alyssa Meiner says the overhaul would still allow homeless camping, but under strict conditions.
Meiner says the bylaw would add policies to help bylaw officers enforce new strict rules that would protect the parks.
The bylaw would also allow the municipality to post rules of behaviour and conduct in parks and recreation facilities and establish mechanisms to help enforce them.
The review of the parks bylaw came after the City of Duncan’s bylaw was upheld in the BC Supreme Court, with an injunction granted to remove unlawful campers from Charles Hoey Park. The campers were found to be in contravention of the bylaw for using the park to “erect tents, camp without authorization, exceeding permitted hours for erecting and maintaining tents, and obstructing the public’s enjoyment of the park contrary to the bylaw.”