They don’t like it, but figure it’s the best it’s going to get.

The Chemainus Residents Association’s Echo Heights Task Force has voted 13 to 3 to “accept” a new proposal for the area.

The Association, made up of 15 or so members who have been meeting almost weekly since last fall say they still believe one hundred per cent of Echo Heights should be designated as park land, but admit that’s not likely to happen.

At the North Cowichan Council meeting today, Mayor Jon Lefebure is expected to put forth a new motion to dedicate 91 per cent of Echo Heights as park allowing development of 17 homes on the other 9 per cent.

That’s a change from an 80-20 split.

The Association says it’s the best outcome that can be expected from the present Council and it’s anybody’s guess what the next Council would do on the issue.