The Duncan Mayor and Council have not yet made a decision on when to hold a referendum on the question of whether or not to amalgamate with the Municipality of North Cowichan.
They were supposed to make a decision Monday night, but Mayor Phil Kent says he wants to ensure all of council will be on hand for the vote….
The last time the 7 member council talked about whether to hold a referendum in the spring or during the municipal elections in the fall of 2018, the vote for a spring referendum was defeated because just 6 council members were present and it ended in a tie.
Kent says the question will now be reconsidered at a Special Meeting to be held September 5th when all of the members of council will be in attendance.
Both municipalities must agree to when the referendum should be held, and the province must sign off on it, before the vote can proceed.
North Cowichan’s council has already approved a spring referendum.