A 32 year old Courtenay man, who was injured while playing in a softball tournament in his community, 2 weeks ago has died.

Chris Godfrey was struck in the back of the head during a play on first base, was flown to hospital in Victoria where he underwent brain surgery and had been on life support since.

As a result of the incident, helmets are now mandatory for players of all ages in the Comox Valley Slopitch League.

President of the Cowichan Valley Slo Pitch Association, Ken James says a decision has not yet been made here on the helmet issue.

He says, from what he has heard from some of the coaches, bats are a bigger concern……

James says the Cowichan Valley league will definitely have discussions in the new year about whether or not to make helmets mandatory and it will be decided by the representatives of the 14 to 16 teams that play here.