Attorney General David Eby says the days of limitless donations, a lack of transparency and foreign and corporate influence over our provincial elections are history.
That’s after the province introduced legislation to put an end to big money in politics.

Eby says the proposed changes are an important step to modernizing our democracy…..

The Election Amendment Act, 2017, will:

  • End corporate and union donations
  • Limit individual contributions to $1,200 a year, the second-lowest limit in Canada
  • Ban out-of-province donations
  • Cap contributions to third-party election advertisers
  • Require ongoing public reporting of all fundraisers attended by major party leaders, cabinet ministers and parliamentary secretaries, including those held in private residences
  • Reduce campaign spending limits for candidates and political parties by about 25%
  • Set new fines and penalties for contraventions of election financing and advertising laws