What started as vision for two Cowichan Tribes sisters has blossomed into a reality.

Sarah-Ann and Angelina Rice-Louis have organized a three-day Youth Empowerment Conference scheduled for May 23, 24, and 25th at the Island savings Centre.

The girls say the conference was born out of necessity, as many Tribes youth are dealing with dark feelings of suicide, and unfortunately, some have given into those feelings.

Ann-Marie Rice-Louis is the mother of the two girls who’ve organized the event. She hopes youth that are feeling lost will come to the free conference.

The conference will feature inspirational First Nations speaker Earl Lambert.

Sarah-Ann and Angelina have built this conference from scratch, raising every dollar themselves through fundraising to bring Lambert to town.

They have almost achieved their goal, but still need a little support.

Ann-Marie says they are hoping the community might be able to put them over the top.

They are looking for a possible donation of a room for Earl Lambert over the weekend, and if possible a few more cash donations to help with odds-and-ends associated with running the conference.

Spots are still available. To sign up or donate email Sarah-Ann at [email protected]