The province has announced a break for people on income or disability assistance.
People on income assistance will be able to earn an extra 200 dollars a month before any money is clawed back.
And for people on disability assistance, the annual earnings exemption will be increased by 2,400 dollars a year.
Both take effect October 1st.
Jane Dyson, executive director of Disability Alliance BC says it means people won’t have to make the tough decision of stopping work or coming off benefits…..
The change will affect around 5,800 people on income assistance and 3,000 people on disability assistance.
In the meantime, the province is hoping to have a Poverty Reduction Plan on the table in the spring of 2018.
Shane Simpson, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction says the groundwork is being laid now…..
About 700,000 people in B.C. live in poverty and Simpson says many of them are working poor.