After last winter, Mainroad Contracting is expecting another busy season sanding and plowing roads throughout Vancouver Island.
The South Island branch of Mainroad has 40 brine, salt, sand, and plow units in its fleet, and crews will be out prepping the roads by spraying brine on them (rock/salt mix), ahead of a storm.
Operations Manager at Mainroad, Leon Bohmer says old man winter is unpredictable, but it’s important to learn from the experiences from previous seasons.
With the first snowfall of the season behind us, Mainroad Contracting is preparing to do what it can to make the roads safer.

Bohmer says crews start prepping the road when they receive information that a storm is rolling in.

Mainroad Contracting has 40 trucks in its fleet, including a new all-wheel drive, five-tonne vehicle, all specializing in sanding, salting, plowing or spraying brine on the road.

On the island, Mainroad covers an area from the south end of Vancouver Island, all the way up to the Mount Sicker and Crofton.