It’s American Thanksgiving but the best Black Friday deals aren’t reserved for the United States.
Here in the Cowichan Valley, many stores are slashing prices and providing residents and visitors with an opportunity to ‘buy local’ and inject money into local coffers.
President of the Duncan-Cowichan Chamber of Commerce, Julie Scurr says buying local does a lot for businesses, charities, and local events.
Black Friday marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season in the U.S. and because it’s not a holiday north of the border, more than 1.2 million Canadians make it a sick day.
Scurr says it’s important for shoppers to ‘buy local’ in the Cowichan Valley.

Black Friday is relatively new in Canada, but it dates back to 1869 in the U.S.
When it started, it wasn’t synonymous with holiday shopping, it was applied to the financial crisis when the gold market crashed 148 years ago.