North Cowichan council is removing more than $1.79 million dollars from the budget in 2018 and 2019.
Greg Gerbis appeared before council on Monday, detailing a myriad of negative impacts that would result from the construction of a pedestrian bridge through the Somenos Marsh.
Gerbis says this bridge would be an ecological disaster.
He added that this marsh is unique and should be protected, not compromised by public access.

In total, $85,000 dollars is being removed from the 2018 budget and more than $1.79 million dollars will be lifted from the 2019 budget.
Gerbis made a number of recommendations regarding how best to use the nearly $1.8 million dollars in funding, including a parking project at the end of York road.
The money would have come from the Roads, Cycling, and Sidewalk program budget.