Voter apathy, indifferent decision-making, and a broken system are all reasons why the N.D.P. and Green Party’s are working together.
Cowichan Valley Green Party M.L.A., Sonia Furstenau and Maple Ridge-Mission N.D.P. M.L.A., Bob D’eith are part of a working group which is meant to take a hard look at proportional representation.
Furstenau says in the ‘first past the post’ system,’ voter apathy is rampant because many potential voters don’t feel they have a say in the electoral process.
Furstenau says one of the problems with the ‘first past the post’ system is that, for example, 39 percent of voters in B.C. can give 100 percent of the power to one party.

She adds that this system is broken and politicians can pass legislation without any regard for what the public wants.

The provincial government is holding a referendum on electoral reform next year, but before that, the public is asked to participate in the ‘How We Vote’ engagement process.
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