B.C. Hockey has made a ruling requiring players on all 40 junior B hockey teams in the province to wear full face protection, whether that’s a cage or full face shield.
The Peninsula Panthers were the trailblazers on the road to this B.C. Hockey mandate, as the V.I.J.H.L. team made all of its players wear full face protection at the outset of the 2017-18 season.
Kerry Park Islanders President, Mark Osmond says veteran players aren’t happy about the ruling, but the decision was made in the name of safety and it will help the team save money.

Osmond adds that this decision was a long time coming and B.C. Hockey handled this issue correctly, making every team honour this rule.

Osmond says the goal of junior hockey players is to play at the highest level possible, and full face protection is a requirement of all N.C.A.A. players.
For players who make the jump from junior B to the B.C.H.L., they won’t have to wear full face protection, at least not yet.