Last month, the City of Duncan scrapped the idea of using an existing facility in McAdam Park as a warming station, however public concern continues to mount.

After deciding to scrap the warming station, plans are now in the works to use an existing facility as a proposed emergency weather shelter in the area.

Cowichan Preschool borders McAdam Park and written and online petitions are circulating, as people in the area have safety concerns about many things, including crime, drug use, and used needles.

A Cowichan Preschool board member encourages those who oppose this shelter to attend the January 8 Duncan City Council meeting, starting at 5:45 p.m. Council is making a decision on funding approval for the shelter.

The petitions are on, it’s circulating the Neighbourhood Watch group for Cowichan on Facebook, and there are canvassers asking for written signatures near McAdam Park.

North Cowichan council has already pledged $3,000 to use the facility as an emergency shelter. The City of Duncan and the C.V.R.D. will also be asked to provide $3,000 in funding.