With the C.V.R.D. moving its Public Safety and Emergency Services department to Bings Creek, Cowichan Search and Rescue is in need of a new facility.

The Cowichan Valley Regional District is also setting up an Emergency Operations Centre, where S.A.R. currently operates out of.

S.A.R. President, Dewi Griffiths says without all the equipment and vehicles in the same location, response time will be increased.

Griffiths says a facility that houses all the equipment and vehicles will allow crews to reduce their response time.

There is no timeline as to when S.A.R. has to be out at Bings Creek and both Search and Rescue and the C.V.R.D. are working together to try and find a solution to this problem.

Griffiths is hopeful Cowichan S.A.R. can remain at Bings Creek, or somewhere close to that location, as it’s a central location for the services provided to the community.

S.A.R. is going to ask the public, businesses, and groups to help by donating funds that will be directed at erecting a building to house the fleet and all the equipment.

If you want to help with materials, supplies, labour, or provide in-kind donations, email newhome@cowichansar.org.