One of the options to replace the current ‘First Past the Post’ voting system is being challenged by a newly formed group.

Proportional representation is a form of parliamentary representation, where the number of seats a party has in the legislature is dependant on its share of the popular vote.

Former Liberal Attorney General, Suzanne Anton, longtime N.D.P. politician, Bill Tieleman and former Deputy Minister, Bob Plecas, who served in many governments and oversaw many portfolios, are spearheading the ‘No B.C. Proportional Representation Society.’

Cowichan Valley Green Party M.L.A., Sonia Furstenau says collaboration is the way of the future, and eliminating the first past the post system will curb extremism in politics.

Furstenau says it was only a matter of time before the major parties opposed proportional representation.

The major parties argue that proportional representation will create a political reality that sees extreme left or right leaning parties win the power of constituencies with a small number of votes.

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