One of the most popular resolutions when starting a new year is the plan to ‘get in shape.’

To that end, Tourism Cowichan has come out with its Top 10 Ways to Kick-off Your Health and the list includes attractions in the Cowichan Valley that are geared toward being active and healthy.

Executive Director, Karen Elgersma says the Cowichan Valley offers riders some world class trails.

Elgersma says spending time in the great outdoors is both inspiring and exciting, two things the gym isn’t.

The top 10 list is below.

Top 10 Ways to Kick-off Your Health

10. Unplug and Plug-In
9.  Lace-Up
8.  Take an Intimate Getaway
7.  Experience Culture
6.  Recharge in nature with forest bathing
5.  Slow Right Down
4.  Test the Greens
3.  Have Some Me Time
2.   Fuel Yourself
1.   Hit the trails