The Trans-Mountain pipeline expansion dispute has claimed another victim.

First, Premier, Rachel Notley announced that Alberta would no longer engage in talks with B.C. regarding power purchase agreements and now, our neighbours to the east will no longer import B.C. wine.

On average, Alberta imports 70 million dollars from B.C. wineries and if the two provinces can’t resolve this issue, it would cause a significant impact to the Cowichan Valley economy.

Duncan-Cowichan Chamber of Commerce President, Julie Scurr says local wine producers are looking into expanding the Chinese wine market.

Scurr says the wine industry brings in a lot of money and she’s hopeful the two provinces can reach a resolution soon.

According to Notley, Alberta imports approximately 17 million bottles of wine from B.C. annually, and the 16 wineries in the Cowichan Valley would definitely feel the effects if the two provinces can’t resolve this disagreement soon.