A petition, launched Friday by a new, local Cowichan Valley community coalition, already has nearly 38,000 supporters.
It’s the result of a horrific case of dog abuse in Duncan.
Spokesperson for United for a Paws, Kelly Olsen says the petition is calling on Crown Council and our MLA, Doug Routley to seek the maximum penalty for the couple who owned the dog…..
The BC SPCA says the dog, was found emaciated, tied with just a few inches of chain, his collar embedded in his neck and his head was swollen two to three times its normal size.
The B.C. SPCA called the abuse “profoundly shocking”.
The dog, dubbed Teddy, died two days after it was seized.
The maximum penalty, if the couple is convicted is up to five years in prison, a 10,000 fine and up to a lifetime ban on owning animals.
The couple will be back in court in Duncan April 3rd.

Olsen is planning a peaceful protest at the Duncan courthouse that morning.

You can find the petition at:  https://www.thepetitionsite.com/112/249/815/justice-for-teddy/