The backyard burning window opens tomorrow (Mar 15th).

Many CVRD residents recognize the impact of smoke from open burning and choose to take yard and garden material to a CVRD Recycling Drop-off Depot for free recycling.

But, for those who must burn there are some rules that they need to abide by.

Open Burning is permitted from tomorrow (Mar 15) through to April 15th and only when the venting index is good.

You can check that index at: or call 1-888-281-2992.

The pile to be burnt can’t be bigger than 2 metres wide and 2 metres high and must be at least 10 metres from all property lines.

Burning material must be smaller than 8 inches, must be burnt within 72 hours and must occur between 7 in the morning and sunset.

Open pile burning of land clearing debris and stumps is banned in the Cowichan Valley and so is the burning of materials like tires, drywall, treated lumber and plastics.

Backyard burning is banned in the Town of Ladysmith and in the City of Duncan.

To get more information, you can go to