A North Cowichan councillor will be serving notice tomorrow (Wed) that she will be putting a Notice of Motion on the council table in two weeks time to update the Municipality’s Animal Control Bylaw.
Joyce Behnsen says council will be asked to consider revising the Bylaws with input coming from the BC SPCA, Coastal Animal Control Services, and United For A Paws…..
April 18th, the motion would be presented in its official form, and that’s when Council will vote as to whether or not they will create updated animal welfare bylaws in North Cowichan.
Duncan adopted an updated animal control bylaw in 2015 that not only protects people from aggressive dogs, but also ensures animals are not tied up too long and have the necessities of life provided to them.
In the meantime, United for a Paws has launched a new petition.
This one is calling on local elected officials to adopt Animal Welfare Bylaws to create a more humane Cowichan Valley:  https://www.thepetitionsite.com/140/870/943/animal-welfare-bylaws-for-the-cowichan-valley/?taf_id=54074111&cid=fb_na
The initiative stems from the seizure and subsequent death of Teddy the dog in the Cowichan Valley, along with a couple of other recent animal abuse cases.
About a dozen people were at the courthouse in Duncan this morning (Tues).

They were protesting the abuse suffered by Teddy the dog in the Cowichan Valley and believed the alleged perpetrators were due in court.

However, they didn’t realize the court case had been postponed to May 1st.

Initially, a couple of groups had planned a peaceful protest at the courthouse to see to it that the people charged in the case were punished to the full extent of the law.

But some of them, including United for a Paws, decided to go a different route by petitioning the local municipalities to enact more effective bylaws to protect animals.