The BC Federation of Labour is pleased with the announcement that the BC government will phase out the liquor server wage by 2021.
The issue of exemptions to minimum wage laws was reviewed by the Fair Wages Commission, specifically for liquor servers, live-in caregivers, residential care-takers, live-in camp leaders, and piece rate for farm workers.
And now all of those workers will soon start to see their wages rise.
Ian Tostenson of the B.C. Restaurant and Food Services Association says it’s a double whammy for businesses already having to juggle a new health tax come January 2019……
The liquor server wage will see incremental increases on June 1st of each year, beginning in June 2018, until the general minimum wage is reached, of at least 15.20 per hour, in 2021.

Wages for the other worker groups affected by the announcement are as follows:

* Piece-rate farm workers – 11.5% increase to all piece rates on Jan. 1, 2019, with further study to take place.

* Resident caretakers – 11.5% increase June 2018, followed by increases of 9.5%, 5.4% and 4.1% in 2019, 2020 and 2021, respectively (wages vary depending on building size).

* Live-in camp leaders – same per cent increases as resident caretakers, until they reach $121.65/per day, in 2021.

* Live-in home-support workers – abolishment of the alternate minimum wage for this group, as it covers very few or no workers. The general minimum wage will apply to any workers remaining in this category.