Six of the top 20 calls for problems with rats are coming from Island cities.
That’s according to the pest control company, Orkin Canada.
Orkin’s Christopher Day says as the weather warms up the rodents will start to appear in larger numbers….
In a ranking for the number of rat and mice treatments per capita on the Island, Victoria was the source for the largest number of calls, but Duncan was next up, followed by Nanaimo.

Rattiest infographic – courtesy of Orkin Canada

Day says there’s a number of reasons for that including land clearing for construction and the renovation of deteriorated urban neighborhoods that can send rodents packing to other locations.
He says to protect your property, and your health, from rodents, residents and businesses should seal any cracks or holes, install weather stripping, trim shrubbery to at least a meter away from exterior walls to eliminate hiding spots and try to eliminate any water sources on your property.
The rodents will also be attracted to compost and to bird feeders.