The Office of the Seniors Advocate has completed a report on the transportation needs of seniors and there are some gaps in the system.
The report highlights that getting a person from point A to B does not totally capture the transportation needs of frail and vulnerable seniors.
Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie says many seniors may have the physical ability to take a bus or use HandyDART…..
Mackenzie says the easiest “fix” would be to add it to the supports through the Home Support program.
She says the government could work with the Health Authorities and the affected unions to establish a community drives program that could be administered through the home support program in all areas of the province.
Other recommendations include support for family members or friends who can drive seniors to appointments in the form of tax relief, or having BC Transit institute a “bus buddy” program to connect seniors with volunteers who could accompany them to appointments.
In the Cowichan Valley Regional District, there are more than 2,300 seniors aged 85 and over.