The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure has had a chance to debrief following the closure of the Malahat.

Last Thursday motorists found themselves gridlocked when an accident resulted in the complete closure of the highway at the Goldstream Provincial Park.

The ministry has issued a statement that says there are significant costs and engineering challenges associated with alternate routes that have been considered and if there are reasonable ideas for options that are brought forward, they would take a look at them.

A bypass for the Goldstream section has been considered but the Ministry says there are numerous challenges to widening the existing highway through Goldstream, not the least of which would be the impact on the park.

A 2007 review of the idea of a bridge and connecting Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay has been ruled out for many reasons including logistical ones.

The Ministry says they are focusing on safety upgrades to the existing highway corridor including an 18 point 5 million dollar upgrade through the Malahat Village that will be finished later this summer.