The principal at Cowichan Secondary says a potential threat to the school’s James Street campus is not believed to be credible.

That’s after a message was found at the campus last week.

Just what the message says is not being released but it is for tomorrow (Tues).

Principal, Nicole Miller has declined to comment, but in the school’s Facebook post she says, following the discovery of the threat, a “Violence Threat Risk Assessment protocol” was activated.

That means the RCMP were notified along with the provincial Safe School team who work together to investigate and monitor any potential threats to safety.

Following an investigation over the past few days, at this time, Miller says, the RCMP have indicated there is no evidence to suggest the threat is credible but, out of an abundance of caution, there will be a police presence at the school tomorrow (Tues June 5th).

The school district is asking parents to remind their children that engaging in any threat-making behaviour, even as a prank, can have serious disciplinary consequences that may include criminal charges.