Over the next week, temperatures in B.C. will not only rival but be much hotter than those in locales like Mexico City, Mexico.

Environment Canada says it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that some long-standing temperature records could fall in the next week.

Meteorologist Doug Lundquist says the mercury will shoot north in the next couple days.

All over Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast, temperatures are expected to soar to between 27 and 30 degrees until next Thursday.

Lundquist says the reason for the spike in temperature is a high-pressure system from the sub-tropics.

Environment Canada has a new ‘heat warning’ program that will be used throughout B.C. and Lundquist says this heatwave may be a perfect opportunity to test the system.

The system is usually used only in the Lower Mainland.

Special Weather statements may be a reality this weekend, as they are issued for temperatures 29 degrees or higher, or overnight lows of 16 or more.

Lundquist says a system like this doesn’t usually hit the region until July or August.