The third-party review of the Mesachie Lake Volunteer Fire Department is completed and public consultation is the next step.

Behr Integrated Solutions conducted the review and it looked into issues surrounding ageing infrastructure, the cost of replacing equipment, low firefighter recruitment, increasing training costs, unattainable asset management plan objectives, and low call volumes.

CVRD Board Chair Jon Lefebure says there are a number of options residents of Mesachie Lake need to look at in making a decision on what the future of fire service will look like in the small community.

Lefebure says Mesachie Lake residents need to take an active role in the final decision about fire service.

Mesachie Lake residents have five service options available to them and those options are listed below.


  • Replace Fire Station and major equipment
  • Rescind Mesachie Lake and Honeymoon Bay Fire Protection Local Services Areas and establish an integrated local services area
  • Establish a contracted area with Honeymoon Bay to provide fire protection to Mesachie Lake
  • Extend CVRD-contracted area with Town of Lake Cowichan
  • Remain at status-quo with MLVFD continuing to provide services within existing system/resources