Independent biologist Alexandra Morton says she has some big concerns about the aquaculture regulations the federal government is working on.
The federal government took over responsibility for aquaculture from the provinces a few years ago, following a court case launched by Morton and others.
Vancouver Island Tory MPs James Lunney and John Duncan hosted a roundtable on the   Aquaculture Activity Regulations this week in Nanaimo.  The government says they’re aimed at increasing sustainable aquaculture production while protecting the environment.
But Morton says some of the proposed changes could give the Atlantic salmon farming industry ownership over the fish, and the ability to release chemicals that treat farmed salmon for a diseases and parasites like sea lice, into the ocean.  Morton says the health of wild salmon could be jeopardized.
Morton says Canadians need to be wary about changes being proposed by the federal government and push back if protecting wild salmon is a priority.