New survey shows high quality of life on Vancouver Island

There are plenty of rankings out there telling us the best places to work and live; but the Island Coastal Economic Trust says a lot of them are out of touch with reality. ICET took a more direct approach and the results show people are choosing life on the Island. They call there report “Voting with their Feet: Actual Quality of Life Rankings in Canada.”  It compares how many people moved to an area with how many moved away. Phil Kent is the Island Coastal Economic Trust Chair, as well as Mayor of Duncan.
They looked mainly at 25-49 year-olds and, according to the latest census data, Courtenay, Nanaimo and Campbell River all ranked in the top-25 nationally. In fact, all seven communities in the ICE-T zone attracted more people than they lost.
Duncan was 60th with just over 1200 newcomers.
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