North Cowichan staff continue to assess the damage from the Maple Mountain fire.

The five and a half hectare fire was contained a few weeks back, but the work to make the recreational trails safe isn’t done and that’s why the area hasn’t been re-opened for public use.

Manager of Communications and Strategic Initiatives with the Municipality of North Cowichan, Natasha Horsman said two trails, in particular, have been damaged by fire.

“There are two particular trails that have been impacted by the fire and that’s the Xylem Trail and the Solar Coaster Trail,” says Horsman. “Boardwalks have been partially burned and there are other areas where we want to make sure there aren’t any trees that may be unstable, just to make sure that the whole area is safe once we let people back on the trails for recreation.”

North Cowichan staff will reassess the trail system in the Maple Mountain area on September 4 and make a decision on whether or not to open them back up to the public.