South End and Crofton water system users are subject to stage three watering restrictions.

Earlier this month, stage three watering restrictions went into effect for users of the Chemainus system and North Cowichan’s Environmental Programs Coordinator Shaun Chadburn highlighted a few major differences between stage two and three restrictions.

“The biggest change is that the irrigation of lawns is not permitted and, additionally, washing vehicles and boats and filling pools and hot tubs is no longer permitted,” says Chadburn.

Chadburn said the municipality is following the provincial government’s lead with these restrictions.

“Recently, the provincial government changed the drought code for the region to level four and is urging all surface water and groundwater users to voluntarily reduce water consumption,” says Chadburn. “We’ve increased water restrictions in response to this request.”

The province has issued a level four drought rating and North Cowichan is in level three.

“The province has four levels of the drought code, they have a stage zero, we don’t have that, so we always follow one behind them,” explains Chadburn.

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