Scams are circulating.

That’s according to the Canada Revenue Agency, in the wake of an influx of CRA phone, email and text scams.

Cheryl Yeung, the media spokesperson for the agency, said taxpayers need to be wary if a call seems suspicious.

“If there’s any doubt that the call is legitimate, we ask that you, number one, take time, think about whether or not you’re expecting a refund, if you have an outstanding balance, please give us a call at our general enquiries line,” said Yeung. “You will never be penalized for double-checking and checking on the status of your account.”

Yeung said there are some red flags to look for should you receive a suspicious call or email.

“It’s important for taxpayers to keep in mind that, even when we do communicate with taxpayers, we have established procedures in place to ensure your personal information is protected,” says Yeung. “When we do call, we will never threaten taxpayers with arrests or jail time or demand immediate payment by credit cards, gift cards, or bitcoin.”

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The CRA’s general enquiries line is 1-800-959-8281.