Rowing Canada Aviron is looking for a home for its new national training centre.

North Cowichan Council hopes it will be Quamichan Lake.

This September, Mayor Jon Lefebure said North Cowichan will submit a proposal inviting Rowing Canada to locate in the Valley.

He said the proposal will centre around convenient access to Quamichan Lake and space for a boathouse facility at Art Mann Park.

Lefebure said the municipality has not made any commitment to build anything but rather is focusing on the lake which has been used in the past for training athletes.

He said the climate is good year-round for rowing, the lake doesn’t get a lot of wind and isn’t facing a lot of competitive use.

A decision on the submitted proposals to host Rowing Canada is expected in October or November.

Rowing Canada temporarily relocated to Victoria last fall until a permanent home could be found.