Families, who believe they could use some help making better lifestyle choices, for their children’s sake, can sign up to participate in a pilot program in North Cowichan.

The province has partnered with the Childhood Obesity Foundation to come up with a plan to help combat the increasing incidence of obesity in children and it’s rolling out in ten communities in B.C.

The Chair of the Foundation and pediatrician, Dr. Tom Warshawski said parents can register online to participate at familyhealthyliving.ca or call 1-888-650-3141.

Warshawski said it takes a lot of work not to be overweight and that’s the result of all the conveniences in our lives, like fast food, good transportation options and the lure of video games and television and some families could use some help getting on a different path.

He said the program is not plucking the child out of the family and saying you have to change, but rather it’s a whole lifestyle change involving the entire family.