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House of Commons Resumes in Ottawa

The House of Commons resumes in Ottawa today and a number of items will be up for discussion, including the four point five billion dollar white elephant, also known as the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Despite the legalization of cannabis set to go into effect in exactly one month, Cowichan-Malahat-Langford MP Alistair MacGregor doesn’t expect it to get much attention, mostly because it’s in the hands of the provincial government’s now.

MacGregor highlights some of the major issues the NDP are focusing on in the next four months.

“We have too many people who are homeless or housing insecure and even though the federal government brought in a national housing strategy, most of that money is back-ended to start flowing next year and the years after,” said MacGregor. “The last time I checked, this was a crisis, we need the funding now, we actually need the solutions to implement now.”

MacGregor says the New Democrats are going to go after the Trudeau Liberals over the pipeline expansion fiasco.

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“The fact that the Federal Court of Appeal ruled that the federal government had done inadequate consultations with First Nations and had not properly done an environmental assessment on our coastal waterways and the fact that it’s now the owner of a four point five billion dollar pipeline, it’s just a total mess for the Trudeau Liberals,” said MacGregor.

Another major issue will be negotiations with the Americans on NAFTA.

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