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No Parking on the Streets or Boulevards

The Town of Ladysmith has tightened up the bylaw when it comes to parking vehicles, including recreational vehicles, on the streets and boulevards.

Mayor Aaron Stone says unlicensed vehicles, unattached trailers and other items cannot be stored in the boulevard.

“The reality is, from a liability perspective, to have unhinged trailers parked on city property is considered unsafe from the insurer’s perspective,” said Stone. “From an ICBC perspective, it’s not advised. You hit an unhinged trailer, you’ve got very little insurance on the trailer, it’s a safety issue.”

The bylaw was also amended to prohibit camping and sleeping overnight in all types of vehicles on town streets and boulevards.

In the coming weeks, the Town’s bylaw officer will talk to residents and provide advisory notices about the changes before further compliance measures are implemented.

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Stone said, “It’s also a fairness and equity issue, I think some might respect the fact that that’s a town right-of-way in the boulevards, whereas others use it for storage, often for unlicensed vehicles. It’s just that we were getting a lot of complaints that it wasn’t being properly enforced.”

The boulevard is the area between the roadway and the property line.



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