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Pedestrians and Drivers Share the Blame

Sixty-one pedestrians are killed every year in BC and about half of those crashes happen between now and January.

Both drivers and pedestrians share the blame when it comes to these incidents, as pedestrian inattention is a contributing factor, as many people are listening to music or checking their cell phones when crossing the road.

However, along with visibility and conditions Road Safety Coordinator with ICBC, Colleen Woodger says two behaviours are the top reasons for drivers hitting pedestrians.

“Distracted driving and failing to yield the right of way are the top contributing factors to drivers in crashes involving pedestrians,” said Woodger. “We’re really trying to get everybody to do their part to create a safer driving culture for BC, specifically focusing on the road, leave that phone alone, as a driver, that phone doesn’t belong in your hand while you’re driving.”

Nearly 60 per cent of all incidents involving pedestrians happen at intersections on Vancouver Island.

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Woodger said it’s important that both drivers and pedestrians are more aware of their surroundings out on the roads.

Woodger said, “When you get a vehicle and a pedestrian, it’s an impactful crash. We’re hoping people will be a little more diligent and focus on the roads this time of year.”

ICBC says nearly 20 per cent of all British Columbians killed in car crashes are pedestrians and most of the crashes happen between three and six pm.

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