Construction is well underway at the Port of Nanaimo that will be home to the new B.C. Vehicle Processing Centre.

David Mailloux, speaking for the Port, says the work is expected to be done January 1st when the first 400 of 10,000 vehicles this year will begin arriving from Europe.

“It’s a really great fit for this yard being the assembly wharf which was used for coal back in the day, then it went to forestry and now forestry has changed so there’s lots of work out at Duke Point. We, we have to have something low impact that’s right adjacent to the city and to the neighbours that are right adjacent to the assembly wharf.”

The vehicles will be processed at the Port and then be sent off to dealerships throughout the Island, the mainland and western Canada.

The ships will travel through the Panama Canal and up the west coast to Nanaimo.

Currently those vessels arrive in eastern Canada and the vehicles are distributed across the country via the rail network.