The CVRD has many new voices and opinions on the board and the newly-elected chair is thrilled with that.

Area F Director Ian Morrison has served on the CVRD board for a decade and said it’s important that the board finds a way to get the economic, social, and environmental aspects of sustainability working together.

“I know that there are advocates for each one of those pillars on the board,” said Morrison. “It’s going to be about how to encourage and support those voices at the board and how do we make those three pillars work together to advance local government for the people we represent.”

With nearly half of the 15 member board serving on at the CVRD for the first time, many new ideas and opinions will be flying around and Morrison said that’s exciting.

“I’ve been there ten years and one thing that I’ve always strived to do is be open to different approaches and different ways of looking at things,” said Morrison. “If we’re smart, we embrace what the new ideas are and the new approaches, and the new perspectives because that’s what keeps us current.”

Morrison said one new approach is the strategy to reach the community through different channels of interaction, like social media and the corporate website.