There appears to be plenty of interest in the B.C. Land Matching Program in the Cowichan Valley.

The program, which provides land matching and business support services to new farmers looking for land to farm as well as landowners interested in finding someone to farm their land, has just been expanded to our area.

The Young Agrarians Land Matcher for the Cowichan Valley, Azja Jones Martin explained, on the new farmer side, what the interest is.

“I have people who are looking to start a market garden. I have people who want to have an apiary, honey bee production, people who would like to raise animals. There are all kinds of different farmers looking for different sizes of land and setups that are right for their type of business.”

Jones Martin said a lease on the land is something that’s negotiated on a case by case basis but incentives include having farm status on a property which can save landowners a significant of money on the taxes they pay.

The program will be profiled at the Vancouver Island Land Linking Workshop on Saturday, November 24th from 1 to 6 at the Cobble Hill Farmers Institute Hall.