Some North Cowichan residents living on Paddle Road feel isolated because of construction and road work.

Tobius Holmes lives at the end of Paddle Road, has mobility issues and relies on a scooter to move around, however, because of a construction project to build a 112-unit apartment building, the road is torn up and he can’t get out with his scooter and taxis and Handi-Dart can’t get in.

He’s tried to navigate his way to the end of Paddle Road to go for medical appointments and can’t.

In a statement, the Municipality of North Cowichan said staff members have had conversations with many Paddle Road residents who are dealing with a disruption and the municipality acknowledges the challenges a project like this can cause.

This is a private development project, it’s working in accordance with a permit issued by North Cowichan and the municipality will continue to monitor the site daily to make sure the contractor is meeting their obligations.